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Night Time Irrigation Still Life

Filckr Photo Owner: cobalt123      Water Ways (photo set)

These were taken in the dark, about midnight last night as the regular irrigation water delivery was in progress. There is no flash, just the available light from the patio and a bit shining from the street lamp far in the back alley. This image and the next one were almost black when I shot them and the Photoshop work brought out what light and color were there in the digital data. The water poured out of the irrigation channel and at this point had flooded the yard, coming up onto the back patio tile. This is the tile area by the back door, with the outdoor table glowing in yellow.

This one I like for the painterly quality and it looks a bit like rich mezzotints from my etching days. I think it is worth a look at the largest size uploaded. These are neat experiments that I was happy to try, although not likely to be of interest to many other folks. Comments are welcome.

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Water Ways