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Protesting Iraq War. Day 2: Friday, Sept. 29, 2006

Filckr Photo Owner: Robin Dude      Anti-War Demonstrations & Protests (photo set)

Best large.

Brad in handcuffs being put into a police car. Like Margie the day before, he refused to leave Congressman Rick Larsen's Bellingham office at its regular closing time. Like Margie, he would have left if Larsen had called & spoken with the group. Larsen did not. The group was told Larsen's Washington, DC, office was closed, & that thus there was no way to direct the request for a call. Whipping out his cell phone, an attorney among the protesters instantly dialed Larsen's DC office, & the office was open & taking calls. That did not produce the congressman, but it did embarrass his spokesperson & further disgust the protesters - who are accustomed to what they increasingly regard as unbelievable excuses & repeated evasions.

As always, the Bellingham city police were courteous & extremely gentle. I'm told one of their members recently returned from fighting in Iraq, & that consequently all the officers know how bad things there are despite the assertions to the contrary being made by the administration.

Representative Rick Larsen (D-WA) of the United States Congress has been too busy to respond straightforwardly in person to a few questions asked by the Whatcom [County] Peace & Justice Center in Bellingham, Washington, so the members are finally pressing the matter. The WPJC seeks direct, simple statements from Rep. Larsen describing his present, personal position about the Iraq War.

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Anti-War Demonstrations & Protests